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ENERGY TOTAL offering Management Consultancy Services for supporting organizations to improve their performance, operates primarily through the analysis of existing organizational problems and the development of strategies for improvement. As a result of our vast exposure and relationships with numerous organizations, we are also said to be aware of industry .Operations Management is the Management field which designs, constructs, works and enhances the beneficial system which creates the organization’s items and services. It is once in awhile restricted to the operation of the organization’s industrial facilities or specialist organization operations, yet this is a misguided judgment as operations management incorporates significantly more including numerous features of the supply chain, for example, fitting utilization of stock, accessible limit and production management, plant and hardware maintenance and client association. Sound operations management is critical to guaranteeing an effective supply chain which can convey items to clients intensely in the time span and way they require.

Operations management includes a few direct management levels of the organization’s operations including individuals and culture management and in addition key and business basic leadership. An imperative piece of operations management is likewise assessing the achievement of objectives and techniques set up to oversee operations and the business, this is finished by a wide assortment of KPI’s. Some of these include: OEE, Days stock, capacity utilization, lead times, downtime/plant up time and first time through yield.

Operation supervisors more often have a engineering or commercial background, and may have different business capabilities. They typically have had involvement in assembling/handling plants, as group leaders to generation/plant managers, or involvement in an service operations part. A few operations managers and architects will likewise have had some lean assembling/creation education.


Operations Management Consulting

A few zones of operations management may now and again be supported by with significant mastery on taking care of operational and business issues or formulating techniques to accomplish more prominent efficiencies.


Operations Management Areas

Operations administration is an expansive term and has enormously developed since the begin of the twentieth century as mechanical advances have expanded proficiency and profitability, it can be disintegrated into a few zones  such as the following:

Process analysis

Collecting Production and process data

Production planning

Quality control

inventory management

Capacity Planning and capital expenditure proects

Supply chain

Quality management

Strategic Planning

Kaizen (process improvement)

Operations Consulting


Operations consulting is a field of management consulting which spends significant time in contriving operational and business systems to understand operational, supply chain, and effectiveness issues inside various companies. Operations advisers utilize huge numbers of the ideas, strategies and manners of thinking clarified all through this site on operations management, supply chain management and lean manufacturing to take care of the issues they are given. For a case of consulting systems and apparatuses: Operations consulting tools.  


Operations consulting is completed by master advisors utilized by real management consulting firms, some accounting firms, and boutique expert firms. Some consulting firms have practical experience in recently immaculate business procedure or vital strengths analysis and strategic planning; others just in operations consulting including lean manufacturing consulting, yet of late the huge strategic firms have additionally begun consulting in operational tasks. Note that the level of expertise, quality of advice, and profundity of learning will depend not on the brand name of the consulting firm however on the nature of the specialists, their experiences  working for genuine organizations, having had line role management experience, and presentation to various industries in their careers not just as experts.


Finding the Right Operations Consulting

Working with the correct operations counseling firm can enable a business to work all the more proficiently, viably, and productively. Our supply chain consulting and different sorts of operations consulting have conveyed billions of dollars in feasible operations upgrades for our customers, and our working capital management solutions have helped customers free up billions of dollars in enhanced cash flow. When making the important decision about which operations consulting agency to work with, here are a couple of criteria to consider:

  • Experience.
  • Breadth of expertise.
  • Evidence
  • Measurable results
  • Global perspective


Operations consulting services

The market for operations consulting services comprises of six primary disciplines: Sales & Marketing, Process Management, Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Finance and Outsourcing. A diagram of the key mastery ranges per discipline:

What does an operations consultant do?

Operations consultants are employed by customers to support them with enhancing the effectiveness of their value chain. These services incorporate creating and actualizing target working/service delivery models, executing cost lessening programmes and analyzing business procedures. It likewise incorporates planning and implementing business changes in both primary and secondary functions. Examples incorporate boosting the ‘Client Experience’ (Sales, Marketing), enhancing the productivity of logistics (Supply Chain), redesigning the way raw materials are sourced (Procurement) and other front-office and back-office activities.


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